2014 Joint German Shepherd Dog Clubs
Two Day Championship Show
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Judge: Herr. Erich Bösl sv (von der Piste Trophe)


When he still was a child, Erich Bösl discovered his love to animals. He started with breeding carrier-pigeons, later on he changed to badger-dogs and last no least he ended up with beeeding  German Sheperd dog. He bought his first Shepherd dog "Kim von der Naabtalperle" in 1976.

For several years he trained and exhibited dogs from wellknown breeders. In December 1978 he decided to breed dogs by the kennel name "von der Piste Trophe" for himself.  "Piste Trophe" is Latin and means "from the conscient kennel".

Already in 1980 he won the North Bavarian Show (his area) in the youth class with his female „Jessy von der Wienerau“. In 1990 he presented for the first time a breeding group at the World Championat ("Siegershow") .

In 1993 Erich Bösl passed his exam as judge. He is practising in many countries of the world. In 1999 he was nominated as Koermeister. The highlight of his judging career was certainly the nominating as judge at the Siegershow in Bremen in 2000. There he judged the male youth class.

The biggest success of his breeding career was to win at the Siegershow in Karlsruhe in 1999 in the young dog class with his female "Enschi von der Piste Trophe". In the year 2001 Enschi got VA 3 in Düsseldorf.

Based on his continous work Erich Bösl is a very successful breeder. Thus his kennel "von der Piste Trophe" is wellknown all over the world.

Enschi von der Piste Oilily von der Piste
Romina von der Piste Wendy von der Piste

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